About Us

Our company is customer-focused and willing to go the "extra mile" to complete our orders on-time and to the high degree of quality we expect of ourselves.

The History of RTC

RTC (A.K.A. Ready to Cover, Inc.) was established in 1985 as a direct-to-consumer custom manufacturer of hand-crafted, unfinished interior decorating products meant primarily for upholstery finishing. For the last thirty years the company has been known for its quality craftmanship and best-value leadership within this niche.

In late 2015, the company was purchased by its current owner, David Slager, and has undergone substantial changes.

A new Quality Control process has been introduced and refined to reduce and ultimately eliminate mistakes. Since the implementation of this new QC process, mistakes made on orders have dropped approximately 90%. Our ultimate goal is continued refinement of this QC process to reduce that number to 100% error-free orders.

Several of the company's original products are still retained today but made with improved designs and materials to enable an expanded set of finishing options. This new website was launched in an effort to better-market our abilities to custom-produce these products: tables, headboards, and cornice boards. Our customers can now request dimensions down to the 1/8" in many cases.

Furthermore, RTC has introduced its own exclusive series of products; RTC Heirlooms. These tops are similarly customizable, but are more artistic in nature, durable, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. They are purposefully unique in style, look, and quality; they are meant to be centerpieces of their environments and to last for generations. Although this series is a little more expensive, we believe they continue to achieve a best-value niche relative to our competition.

The RTC Pledge

RTC pledges the following to its customers, employees, suppliers, owner, and community (stakeholders):

1. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and backed by a 30-day full refund (return shipping not included; refund not available on cornices except in cases of shipping damage).
2. Our personnel will be responsive to particular customer needs, when requested, and within our abilities.
3. Our products will be fabricated and shipped out within 5 full business days of ordering (except particularly-custom projects, bulk orders, and Heirlooms).
4. Our company and employees will show respect to everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious preference, etc.; everyone deserves respect. In return, we kindly request that all of our stakeholders treat each other in a similar fashion.
5. Our company will not fund any government lobbying efforts on behalf of the industry or our company; our time and money is better-spent directly improving our stakeholders' lives.
6. Our company will not donate to any non-profit, or similar, entities; we keep our prices low and our wages high enough to allow our stakeholders to make their own decisions in this regard.
7. Our company will not seek profit at the expense of anyone's health, safety, security, ability to maintain a living wage, or by fraudulent means. In return, we ask our stakeholders for similar consideration.
8. We take our work seriously, not ourselves.

The RTC Crew