Is there a guarantee behind RTC's products and services?

Absolutely. All of our products except cornice boards (due to their very-customized nature) come with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee (return shipping not included). Simply notify us that you'd like to return your order and ship it back to us. We will refund you the entire purchase price of the product to your purchasing account within one week's time after receipt at our location.

Additionally all orders (except Heirlooms, particularly custom orders, larger (10+ products) bulk orders, or website-posted out-of-stock items) will be shipped out the door within 5 full business (not calendar) days upon order receipt or the customer is entitled to a 20% discount on the entire order.

Why does it take your company a few days to ship out my order?

We build everything to order; we don't have shelves of products waiting to be ordered - we have shelves of supplies. When we receive an order, we pull the required supplies, make cuts, connect pieces (if necessary), sand, check, box, and ship. As fast as we'd like to be, building our products takes some time. With that in mind, we do attempt to ship our orders out within 5 full business days of receipt (except particularly-custom orders, larger bulk orders, and Heirlooms).

Is it possible to change a product's dimensions?

Yes, in most cases. We designed this website to allow product customizations. The limits are typically the size of boards we use. Customization can be done down to the 1/8th inch in most cases.

Why do prices seem to jump so much between X size and Y size?

Although we advertise "Free shipping", in all actuality shipping costs are built-in to our pricing (as is the case with everyone who runs this model). Shipping accounts for approximately 25% of the company's total expenses - our single largest expense. In some cases, shipping costs account for over half of a product's total price. When pricing jumps between sizes suddenly, it's almost certainly due to shipping expenses hitting the next level of shipping charges from FedEx.

Can you do additional customizations to a product I would like to order and how much would you charge?

That depends. We are able to do even more customizations than this website allows you to request. Unfortunately building a website that shows all of our capabilities would be a cumbersome process and difficult for the customers to navigate. If you want something beyond what our website permits you to request, we ask that you kindly email us at [email protected]. We will attempt to respond to your request in a timely manner. Our response may include a request for further information. Once we understand what you want and determine that it is within our capabilities, we can then provide a quote.

I'm in the interior decorating industry and I've ordered from you before. What happened to the 10% trade discount we used to receive?

About 95% of our business is DIYers - non-industry people. Considering the low margins on our products, we decided it wasn't fair to give any group a blanket discount on purchases. We can, however, still do discounts based on the total quantity of same-items in an order (automatically discounted in your cart) and we can consider deals based on cumulative-annual volume (contact us).

I know your company used to make vanities. Is it possible to still order one?

Yes, it is still possible to order a vanity. We stopped making drawers for vanities because they added too much cost to the product. Arms are still available and can be added for an additional $15 (the option will automatically popup on the screen when you select the kidney shape). To finish ordering the vanity all you have to do is add the 14" Storage Base option under the "Table Legs / Base" box on the Tops and Tables page.

What happened to the glass tops you used to sell?

We discontinued selling them due to their tendency to break in-transit. Considering the time and effort required to file claims requests, we realized they were a bigger hassle than they were worth. We have since become a licensed reseller of glass shipped directly by Dulles Glass and Mirror; we should be including some of their products on our site in the near future. If you'd like to purchase glass for your RTC table, check out their site and e-mail us a link of what you'd like added to your order - we can save you 5% on their listed prices (may not stack with their sales).