What are your headboards made out of?

Headboards for upholstery are made out of .1875" luan (a thin composite material) on the exterior and have a 3/4" thick plywood frame inside (for a total thickness of 1").
Paintable / stainable headboards are made out of 1/2" birch plywood on the exterior and 3/4" thick plywood interior (for a total thickness of 1.75").

There is also the option to upgrade the materials to Baltic Birch plywood for those who are concerned about off-gassing and/or being more environmentally-friendly. Please note that this option causes all sizes except the twin to become significantly more expensive. This price jump is because 5' x 5' sheets are standard for Baltic Birch but these sizes must be constructed with the much more expensive 8' x 4' sheets.

How does changing the height of the headboard affect the dimensions of the body of the headboard?

Changing the height of the headboard affects the height of the legs while the body dimensions don't change. At a standard overall height of 50", the legs will be 18" and the body will be 32" in height. At an overall height of 40", the legs will be 8" and the body will still be 32". At an overall height of 60", the legs will be 28" and the body will be 32". If you want the body to be a different size, please send us a request for quote by email.

Are the legs pre-drilled to attach to my bed frame?

Yes, they are pre-drilled to fit standard bed frames. If you don't want the legs pre-drilled, please include that note in the "Special Instructions for our Fabricators" box.

How do I know if I have a standard bed frame?

The horizontal widths between the leg plate holes should be standard based on the size of your bed (twin, full, etc.); the heights of the holes in the leg plates / frame may not be. Though non-standard frames are pretty rare, we have encountered them a few times. Please measure the centers of theses holes from the floor; they should align with at least two of the following measurements: 2.5", 3.75", 4", 5.25", and 6.5". If they don't align with these measurements then you have a non-standard frame and should request that your legs do not come pre-drilled.

If I have a non-standard bed frame, how do I attach the headboard?

You can drill the legs yourself once aligned with your specific bed frame holes. Clamp the fully-assembled headboard to the frame and drill from the inside of the frame's holes through the leg's back to ensure an accurately-aligned hole.

What hardware is included with the headboards?

If you ordered a headboard for upholstery, small finishing nails, 4 bolts, 4 wing nuts, a bottle of wood glue, and instructions are included. The hardware is the same for paintable / stainable headboards minus the finishing nails.

Do you include wall-mounting brackets?

We do not, as a standard, include wall-mounting brackets. If you are intending to hang your headboard, please include a request for wall-mounting brackets in the note field on the checkout page and some will be included at no additional charge.

Why are the paintable / stainable headboards so much more expensive?

Shipping mostly - price jumps almost always come back to shipping. Shipping a headboard for painting / staining is more expensive to ship because of the fact that we have to build the main body as one piece. Related to that point, we also have to build these headboards without nails through the exterior, which means more time in production for gluing and clamping.

How do I assemble a headboard from RTC meant for upholstery?

How to Assemble a Headboard for Upholstery from RTC

How do I upholster a headboard?

Here's a basic, but good, video on upholstering a classic-style headboard. Note that the video creator suggests using MDF as a material with which to make your headboard; we don't recommend this. MDF has numerous drawbacks, including off-gassing, swelling, mold, mildew, and water absorption. Instead, we suggest purchasing one from us made with a plywood frame and luan exterior.

How to Upholster a Basic Headboard

I found this really nice design of a headboard online and I'm wondering if you can make it for me? If so, how much would you charge?

Probably and it depends. We would require a photo of the design, though preferably we'd like exact dimensions or a sketch sent to [email protected]. We prefer dimensions because often we are given a photo of a twin headboard and asked to make it as a king size headboard. When scaling from one size to another, the headboard itself will become skewed in the way it looks (imagine taking a picture and stretching it out to twice its original width).

Pricing of course depends on the style, size, and quality of materials. Generally speaking, however, we don't charge much more for a custom headboard than we do for our own styles; we make everything by hand anyhow. Although we've had many happy customers with our custom headboards, such custom headboards cannot be returned outside of returns for shipping damage.

Why are your headboards more expensive than some similar-looking headboards?

It comes down to two things: quality and custom. I believe for our price we make some good quality headboards at reasonable prices. If you want a mass-manufactured imported headboard then there are a million places to find them. If you want a good quality headboard with a specific design, exact measurements, and at a good price, then you've found the right place.

We've found decent quality mass-manufactured headboards and low quality ones as well. We've found ones that we think are worth their prices and some that are no where near worth their prices (some are made of inferior materials and cost 3-4x what we charge). Check the quality of the materials they use; we would suggest avoiding any that are made out of press board or fiberboard (LDF, MDF, and HDF) as they just aren't very good materials.

Can I paint the headboard meant for upholstery?

Sure you can. You'll have to use wood putty between the cracks after putting it together and you'll have to sand all of it. For the price difference though, we don't think it's worth your time and effort. Why not spend a little more and do much less work by just ordering our paint-ready headboard made out of upgraded materials?

Is there a difference between a headboard meant for painting and one meant for staining?

No. We had originally planned to laminate the exposed edges on the stainable headboards but have since changed our minds. The problem was that the laminate tended to come off the edges of the headboard due to the pressure of movement between the headboard and packing materials during shipment. Although the customer was ultimately happy after reapplying the laminate that came up, we decided that we shouldn't make our customers go through that effort. If you end up staining the headboard, you can apply a laminate edge yourself before staining or you can have a stained headboard with exposed plywood layers on the side - it seems to be "in" right now.

Can I upholster a paintable / stainable headboard?

Sure, but why? You're paying for materials that finish more easily and weigh a bit more. But if you want to upholster one of these, we certainly won't stop you.

How many people do I need to attach one of your headboards?

You could probably attach the upholstered headboard with just one person. However, it's probably more-easily accomplished with at least two people. The headboards for painting / staining require at least two people to attach due to their increased weight.

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