How much does it cost to ship X product?

Shipping is "free." In other words, it's already built into the price that we quote you.

How long will it take for my product to arrive once it's been shipped?

See the map below:



Do you deliver to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, or Puerto Rico?

No, we don't. We don't ship to anywhere outside of the continental United States.

What if I order some of your products from Canada and ship it to a friend in New York to smuggle across the border?

Sure - just don't get caught by the Royal Mounties. Our products are known to be laced with sawdust and the penalties could be severe ("What kind of wood is that, eh?").

Since you're located in Northern Virginia, can we order a product, pick it up from your shop, and get a reduction for shipping charges we won't need?

Sure, give us a call to place your order. Just please don't judge us based on our front office - I swear we foster a dozen orphaned orangutans here every night (and a few dust-covered ones during the day).

What do I do if the product I ordered was damaged during shipment?

Follow these steps:

1. Take multiple pictures of the shipping box (even better if you haven't opened it yet; you'd probably have to have decent damages to the box to have this much foresight though).
2. Take multiple pictures of the damaged product(s).
3. Send those pictures in an email, along with your order and FedEx tracking numbers, to [email protected] ; subject: "They Did It Again!"
4. If the damage is minor and you don't mind the minor damage, we might negotiate a small refund. If not, then we'll send you an email confirming that we are rebuilding your product(s).
5. Take your originally-damaged product and build a birdhouse.